07 June 2022
SYSTRA explores the challenges of asset management in a report produced with Usbek & Rica, a magazine of prospective.

In our sector, asset management aims to maintain the operational performance of a transport infrastructure throughout its life cycle, by investing responsibly from the outset to improve the cost-performance-risk balance. Based on the ability to anticipate, asset management helps to avoid additional costs during the maintenance and operation of the infrastructure.

In a new 30-page illustrated booklet, SYSTRA explores all the facets of asset management – financial, operational, technological and organisational – over and above its accounting dimension.
In order to cover the whole subject, we have:

  • Interviewed the players in the ecosystem (infrastructure managers, operators, maintainers, public authorities, concessionaires and investment funds, solution providers, etc.)
  • Questioned the definition of asset management, its purpose, its effects, its levers, its capacity to make actors collaborate, its relationship with technological innovations…

For a more sustainable management of assets, we must first know them, then understand them, and finally confront them with a multitude of scenarios in order to make informed decisions at the right time. This requires an in-depth knowledge of the assets that we want to sustain, and a good understanding of the possible causes of deterioration. Asset management is therefore much more than a method: it is a dialogue.

Ghita Khettab, Head of Asset Management, SYSTRA France

“After ‘Les Futurs du métro’ and ‘MaaS’, we are continuing our collaboration with Usbek & Rica magazine to decipher the complex subject of asset management. With this new issue, we want to illustrate the wealth of issues and opportunities, both to our clients and partners and to our employees, with a view to the sustainability of transport infrastructures.

Maud Bernard, Head of Strategy Development, SYSTRA Group

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