Se-Jin LEE
Structural Engineer, 

“I would not be a Structural Engineer at SYSTRA today if…”

If I didn’t watch the documentary film titled ‘Megastructure’*. I was fascinated by large-scale structure construction and the engineer talking over walkie-talkie so I wanted to participate in megastructure construction one day. Even now, I can feel my heart beating whenever I see big-scale construction sites such as a cable-stayed bridge crossing the ocean or enormous underground stations.

*These documentaries made in 2004 are dedicated to the largest structures ever created, including huge airplanes, civilian and military ships, but also the largest buildings and constructions in the world.

“What motivates me on a daily basis at SYSTRA is…”

By tagging a To-do list day every day from ‘Change mouse battery’ to ‘Complete Final report’, over the days, weeks, months, and years I could see the progress of projects like the piers and bridges growing like mushrooms.

“I realised how meaningful my job was when…”

The trains were running on the viaducts and stations I worked for.
However complicated the project was, it was rewarding.

“My message to those considering this job”

It will be a long journey and sometimes it will let you down when there is an accident and suspension or cancellation of the project. However, accomplishment after completing the project will motivate you to keep working. The team members you meet while working on the project will be great drinking buddies, and the restaurants and bars you visit during projects will fill your Google Maps with stars. The projects you work on will last more than 100 years and you will feel proud as one of the engineers who worked on them. Be a proud daughter/son, aunt/uncle, mom/dad or grandma/grandpa.