SYSTRA is synonymous with operational excellence, and that does not happen without the mobilisation of our employees, partners and clients to ensure the health, safety and security of:

  • the public, by proposing clean, reliable and safe transport systems
  • our colleagues, the employees of construction companies that we supervise, and operators, by offering a working environment, equipment, an organisation and know-how enabling work with complete peace of mind and confidence

Inventing tomorrow’s modes of transport in a complex environment, while meeting the great challenges of our societies means providing proof of bold leadership, as the old reactive, bureaucratic and vertical approaches are no longer adapted to today’s context.

Mikaël Mourey, Vice President Health, Safety & Security

For questions of health, safety and security (HSS), SYSTRA has chosen an innovative approach.

In concrete terms, this apporach has three stages:

1 – A simplification of our management system, our processes and our procedures.
It is essential that each employee finds meaning in and personifies the company’s HSS vision. The ambition that motivates us goes far beyond the  ‘zero accident’ doctrine. It is no longer about adding rules each time there is a new incident but about putting in place managerial routines that are proactive, simple, mature and effective for ensuring operational excellence on a daily basis, in all that we do.

2 – A positive redefinition of Health, Safety and Security.
The traditional HSS approach limits HSS to the management of risks: do what is necessary to ensure that as little as possible goes badly. SYSTRA has decided to translate Health, Safety & Security into opportunities that contribute to the operational performance of the company: do what is necessary to ensure that as much as possible goes well. This initiative makes sense for our teams, our partners and our clients, who are increasingly aware that HSS is transforming our company in a positive way.

3 – Concrete acts of leadership.
At SYSTRA, the health, safety and security of the public, transport industry actors and our colleagues is a real moral responsibility! To be a reference company and contribute to a safer world, the involvement of managers is essential. It is via their daily commitment to HSS, via their ability to set an example by having a ‘safety attitude’ that all our colleagues will share these common values. Safety is everyone’s business, and everyone is committed to ensuring it on a daily basis.


Technical safety

Ensure the safety of transport systems designed by SYSTRA, of future users, operators, maintenance staff and third parties.

Protection of our colleagues and subcontractors

Safeguard the physical and mental integrity of our employees and the employees of our subcontractors, as soon as they work or travel for SYSTRA.

Protection de nos collaborateurs et sous traitants

Safety of employees of construction companies that we supervise

Ensure that the company respects the HSS contractual and regulatory provisions and ensure the protection on a daily basis of all the people present on the site.

Information protection

Protect and process our information and that of our stakeholders in such a way as to guarantee at any time its confidentiality, integrity and availability, through our individual practices and our information systems.

Crisis management 

Contribute to the resilience of the Group through the anticipation, preparation and management of any crisis situation.


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