Technical details

2019 – 2020

Asset Management and Operational Integration

Between 2019 and 2020, Systra worked alongside Lunarr to develop a Performance Model, for assessing the benefits derived from asset & operational improvement initiatives on the V/Line, Victoria’s regional public transport line.


This Performance Model uses asset upgrade and performance improvement inputs, to determine forecasts for enhancements in punctuality and delivery, and to measure the impact of future timetable changes. The model can also be used for assessing the impact of future levels of patronage, asset conditions, and disruptions on rail operations, and can provide an in-depth forecast of the impacts of planned improvement initiatives.


SYSTRA utilised the modelling and data analytics expertise offered by members of the advisory team, to ensure the success of this Performance Model development. The work undertaken by SYSTRA’s dedicated advisory team included providing advice on input data analysis and improvement, in order to assist with pinpointing the accurate locations and durations of incidents. This was achieved through the utilisation of GPS data and crosschecking of datasets. Our team also provided useful insights into the development of the base model, as well as advice on calibration, testing, and refinement, to ensure that the best quality outputs were attained.


Our client was able to understand the consequences of disruptive events, and could successfully develop well-informed Asset Improvement and Operational Initiative Strategies.