Technical details
Rangelink JV (Bouygues, Fulton Hogan & Wagners)
Tender Support
Toowoomba, Queensland
Construction planning and constructability analysis

Description Of Project

The Toowoomba Second Range Crossing is a 41km bypass route of Toowoomba, running to the north of the city. It provides an alternative range crossing and includes a twin tunnel with capacity for two lanes in each direction. The tunnels are approximately 780m in length and have a minimum posted speed of 80 kilometres per hour.

The $1.6+ billion road project was funded by the federal and state governments on an 80:20 basis. It connects to the Warrego Highway near Helidon, travels to the north of Toowoomba, and connects to the Gore Highway 17km south-west of Toowoomba.

This road has become a gateway to the developing energy sector in the Surat Basin, whilst removing significant heavy vehicle movements from the local streets of Toowoomba. Safety for road users is significantly improved by reducing traffic on the existing Warego Highway, which includes steep 10% grades, tight corners, and is frequently disrupted by rockfalls.

SYSTRA Bamser Involvement

SYSTRA Bamser were engaged on the project during the tendering phase to assist the RangeLink JV with construction planning and constructability analysis for the proposed tunnel section of the project. Major RangeLink JV participants included Bouygues, Fulton Hogan, and Wagners. Specifically, SYSTRA Bamser provided support in the following areas:

  • Development of site layouts and accesses for both tunnel excavation and back end works stages for each identified site;
  • Preparation of construction method statements for the tender submission;
  • Development of back end works methodologies and programming. Particularly optimisation of tunnel lining and pavement operations;
  • Development of production rates for tunnel excavation, lining, and back end works;
  • Assist in development of construction programme and costings; and
  • Sourcing of tender pricing for major procurement items.