Technical details
John Holland Leighton Contractors Joint Venture (JHLJV)
Tender Support and Technical Advisor
Tunnel optioneering, planning, costing, and constructability analysis

Description Of Project

The Forrestfield Airport Link (FAL) project was an 8.5km extension of the existing Public Transport Authority Rail Network in Perth, Western Australia, that connects Forrestfield to the city via the Perth Airport.

The new rail line would connect with the existing Midland line near Bayswater Station and connect to Forrestfield through twin 7km underground tunnels. The alignment would include three new stations, twelve underground cross passages, and three emergency egress shafts.

SYSTRA Bamser Involvement

SYSTRA Bamser were engaged on the project during the tendering phase to assist the John Holland Leighton Contractors Joint Venture (JHLJV) with tunnel optioneering, planning, costing, and constructability analysis.

Specifically, SYSTRA Bamser provided the lead support in the following areas:

  • Options development process including the development of tender construction methodology for:
    o XP Excavation and civil fit-out;
    o Egress shaft excavation and civil fitout;
    o Ground support including ground freezing and jet grouting; and
    o Spaceproofing and design profiles.
  • Excavation sequence analysis including:
    o Excavation method option assessment;
    o Production rates and cycles;
    o Activity sequencing and interfaces;
    o Intermediated construction sites; and
    o Surface network connections.
  • Development of tunnel construction programmes and first principle budget costings; and
  • Identification of risks and opportunities throughout construction methodology.