International Sustainability and Transport Planning Consultant Joins SYSTRA ANZ

After commencing with SYSTRA in 2014 at the group’s headquarters in Paris, Romain has spent the last three years in Hong Kong, the largest of our offices in Asia.

With 10+ years’ experience, Romain brings a unique set of skills and knowledge to add to our growing ANZ team. He is a certified BREEAM Infrastructure Assessor – one of the world’s leading science-based sustainability assessment methods that is used to masterplan projects, infrastructure, and buildings. He is also aiming to become accredited by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council.

Although Romain has been based in Hong Kong, he is well known to many of our clients locally, having already worked on the Waitemata Harbour Crossing in Auckland.

Since starting his career, Romain has worked on a variety of city-shaping projects. He has developed brownfield transport plans in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe and megaprojects in the Middle East. More recently, thanks to his time in Asia he has worked heavily in sustainable compact development and urbanism where he has been able to broaden his understanding to the range of possibilities that exist, particularly important as the ANZ region looks to densify.

He adds, “The varied nature of these projects has helped me to learn about the intricacies of the local markets. Whatever the solution, it needs to make sense, have a positive impact on our clients, the community, and their environment.”

More about ESG at SYSTRA

At SYSTRA ANZ, we believe our role extends far beyond designing and engineering excellent infrastructure solutions, it’s also about ensuring a better, more sustainable, and resilient future.

A commitment to ESG resonates deeply with our values and aspirations of where we want to go as an organisation. In collaboration with our people, partners, and clients; we are dedicated to creating a sustainable future that leaves the communities we operate in better off than before. We also hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and seek diversity, equity, and inclusivity in all we do.

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Tereza Barros strengthens Transport Planning in ANZ

Transferring from SYSTRA Brazil, Tereza will bolster our Transport Planning and Sustainability division bringing key skills in sustainability, E-Buses and Bus Rapid Transit

Guillaume Paix, ANZ Transport Planning Lead says, “We’re thrilled to have Tereza join us. She exemplifies SYSTRA’s global reach and the power of our connected teams value.”  

He adds, “As we look to grow our presence in the key markets of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and New Zealand, our clients will benefit from her background in both public and private sectors. She brings to the team a key focus on transport demand studies and expertise in assessing the socio-economic viability of transportation projects.” 

“I’ve wanted to move abroad for a few years now and when the opportunity presented itself, I grabbed it with both hands. The ease with which the transfer happened is testament to SYSTRA’s global mobility and commitment to connecting teams.” 

Tereza Barros, Senior Consultant – Transport and Sustainability

Speaking of the opportunity, Tereza explains, “I am extremely passionate about sustainability and the role public transport can play in achieving net zero. I am a firm believer that transportation is more than just urban mobility, it can be an agent for social transformation.  

“Coming from Brazil, I know this to be the case. In a region dominated by bus, I can bring unique experiences to our clients in Australia. Equally, I’m excited to learn more about the Active Transport sector and to develop my skills in data science.”  

Global Experience provides unique insight

Transport Planning in Australia is at a critical junction in time as we transition away from the idea of moving vehicles to moving people.

“We can keep adding lanes of traffic to our streets or we can think about mobility differently. Tereza will provide terrific insight into how other regions have adapted to new ways of thinking. We’re particularly excited about her experience in Bus Rapid Transit, and E-Buses, both of which will become more and more common in Australia.” 

Guillaume Paix

To improve the liveability and sustainability of our communities, active transport modes, and Electric buses are set to change the way people move.  

“As data comes more freely available, new technology solutions are helping planners to make the best possible solutions and will assist us in embedding sustainable mobility options for the community to use,” says Tereza.  

She adds, “Our team have developed many solutions that enable this modal shift. The Victorious Tool (formerly the Bus Disruption Tool) helped streamline disruption planning for a key client in Victoria. We also have our globally renowned CYCLOPS tool which is using open-source data to improve cycling safety and connectivity in our cities.” 

Hands on Experience Reinforces Beliefs

In 2022, Tereza participated to SYSTRA’s Bridges to Prosperity project in Rwanda, a hands-on experience reinforcing her belief in transportation as a positive driver of societal change, aligning perfectly with her view that engineering can make a meaningful difference.

Tereza along with nine others spent two weeks helping to build an 80-metre pedestrian bridge in Mushishiro in Muhanga County.

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