International Work Remote Program

At SYSTRA ANZ, we care about employee wellbeing. We recognise that the past few years have not been easy on our people and their families especially as closed borders have kept many apart.

With international travel restrictions now having eased, we have introduced an International Work Remote Program so our staff can visit family and friends anywhere in the world.

Alison Scott, People and Culture Director, SYSTRA ANZ says, “We appreciate how challenging these last few years have been for people not being able to see their loved ones. With roughly 46% of our staff coming from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, providing the flexibility to work from an international location reflects how seriously we value our people and their ability to bring their whole-self to work.”

SYSTRA ANZ’s International Work Remote Program allows staff to work from anywhere in the world through 2022 and into the first half of 2023 for a one-off period of up to four-weeks.

Alison continues, “With our Headquarters in France, naturally we have a of people looking to head home for their first taste of the European summer in some time. We are hoping our staff take the time they need to reconnect with their families and enjoy some quality time together.”

So how have our staff used their time overseas?

Kate Moncrieff, Director – Human Factors, SYSTRA ANZ

I used a mixture of our work remote program and annual leave to extend my recent visit to the UK. I wanted to ensure I maximised the quality time I spent with the family and friends I have not seen since before COVID.

I worked two weeks over a five-week period which generally involved early morning starts in the UK to coincide with the afternoon in Australia. I communicated the plan to clients well in advance and then had the support of my team to provide cover as needed. It goes to show how far flexibility has progressed in recent years that this type of leave is not only accepted but also encouraged.

Kawtar Hadjadj, Senior Consultant – Transport Systems – Rail Engineering, SYSTRA ANZ

Kawtar Hadjadj
Kawtar (right) pictured with Sofiane Badouna, Director of SYSTRA Algeria at their office.

I utilised SYSTRA’s international work policy to catch up with friends and family who I haven’t seen for many years. I even visited colleagues in our Paris and Algerian offices. The experience offered a new perspective as to the benefits of working for a global business and I found that by going back home, my motivation for work increased and made my daily routine more dynamic.

Over a 3-4 week period, I mixed my time to find what worked best. I would typically start my day in the afternoon and use that as my focus hours. I would then login again later that night to attend client meetings and keep in contact with my team back in Australia. In the mornings, I relaxed and enjoyed quality time with my family and friends.

SYSTRA’s International Work Remote Program has been introduced alongside a host of additional policies and initiatives available to our employees that provide benefits across several dimensions.

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