31 August 2022
Ushering in the next generation of aspiring engineers, SYSTRA is pleased to welcome two new interns.

The second of our new staff-members is Theo Tselonis who joined our Transport team in June 2022 and is currently working on the Sydney Metro.

Theo Tselonis intern

In the second year of his Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science degree at UNSW, Theo was drawn to the industry thanks to his passion for the ever-changing world of applied math and science.

He says, “I’m really interested in learning more about the various aspects of design, teamwork, testing, and construction and hope to use my internship to discover more about these issues.”

When asked more specifically about why he was interested in beginning his career within the transport industry, Theo explains, “The sky is the limit quite literally. I’m excited because there is so much innovation and investment happening right now to shape the future of Australia and communities around the world.

“By joining SYSTRA, I get to see firsthand the day-to-day role of an engineer in the rail industry and get to find out what life would look like after university. I am keen to learn under the leadership of some of SYSTRA’s most experienced professionals while also getting an idea of what roles interest me. I get to be part of an amazing team, making real change in the world of rail.”

Theo’s excitement for transport is undeniable. When asked what his dream project to work on would be – historical or future – he’s quick to state, “Japan’s levitating bullet trains. They’ve already got an incredible record of accomplishment in rail and this project, where they are using superconductors to have trains suspended in the air to reduce friction while clocking speeds over 600km/h is going to go down in the history books.”

Theo will complete 60 days’ work experience with SYSTRA over the coming months. He is due to finish his studies in 2025.


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