09 June 2023
Want to know what it's like to work at SYSTRA ANZ? Join Ben Voss, Assistant Consultant, Systems & Safety Assurance on a typical day in our Melbourne office.

8:30am: After catching the train or riding my bike, I usually get into the office just after 8:30am.

8:35am: I will usually greet everyone in the office and set myself up at the desk before grabbing a hot cup of tea to start the day

Ben Voss Day In the Life

9:00am: When starting on my work for the day, it is often good to review what meetings are coming up and if there are any urgent emails that require attention.

11:00am: Being in the office is always great to catchup with colleagues.

Ben Voss Day In the Life
Ben Voss Day In the Life

12:00pm: Team lunch in China Town is always a good day. Having an office in the city ensures I have plenty of good lunch options around me.

1:00pm: After lunch it is back to work. A team meeting to understand what the next priorities are for a current project. I especially like collaborating and bouncing ideas with my colleagues in person.

Ben Voss Day In the Life
Ben Voss Day In the Life

5:00pm: After a good afternoon of working, collaborating with colleagues and meeting deadlines, I pack up for the day and head home.

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