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Crossrail - London
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SYSTRA are part of the team with Bechtel and CH2M serving as Crossrail’s project delivery partner team to deliver this £14.8bn project.
Grand Paris metro – Line 15 south
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SYSTRA is involved in every phase of the Line 15 south project of the Grand Paris metro.
MRT – Extension of Line 14 of the Paris Metro
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Extension of Line 14 will also benefit to the passengers of Line 13, who will have desaturated journeys!
Southern Europe Atlantic HSL
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SYSTRA was appointed project manager for the design of the new Southern Europe Atlantic high speed line (SEA HSL). In addition, a joint venture set up by SYSTRA was (...)
Stockholm – Linköping ‘Ostlänken’ HSR
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SYSTRA is producing designs for Sweden’s high speed Ostlänken line.
SYSTRA publishes its 2016 Activity Report
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2016 was a year cementing our position as a strong and robust company. Have a look to our 2016 Activity Report.
SYSTRA wins an ACE award for the rapid implementation of its business strategy
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The ACE - Association for Consultancy and Engineering - congratulated SYSTRA’s strategy and sustainable growth dynamic.
SYSTRA’s new contract in Corsica: a sustainable success
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SYSTRA contributes to the rail network in Corsica, which faces a significant increase in the number of passengers.
United Arab Emirates – Dubai Tram
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Did-you know that Dubai Tram was the first LRT built in Middle-East? It is equipped with systems of the automatic protection of the vehicles.
Washington D.C. Streetcar
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SYSTRA was project manager for the first Light Rail Transit line of Washignton, the D.C. Streetcar.
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