17 July 2020
In 2020, in a context marked by the sanitary crisis and the proliferation of technical inventions, SYSTRA and Usbek & Rica consider what the future of the metro might be. Could this still present opportunities for innovation? What will it look like in 15 years, and beyond?

This document of 30 illustrated pages, destined for all those interested in the metro, looks at several big issues:

  • What impact will the climatic and sanitary crises have on the metro?
  • How will the development of this historical mode of transport be affected by digital tools?
  • Will major disruptive innovations put the metro in jeopardy?
  • What will metro stations look like in 2035?
  • Will the future of the metro be marked by continuity or disruption?

In this special edition, available here, the journalists at Usbek & Rica, a French publication that explores the future, and SYSTRA’s mobility experts share their thoughts and visions, sometimes very personal, on the future of the metro.

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