31 May 2023
SYSTRA's relationship with Uppsala continues: We advised the local authorities on their mobility strategy. Now we have been selected to assist the client in the construction of the city's first tramway line.

Uppsala will soon join Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Norrköping, and Lund among the Swedish cities that have chosen the tramway. This university town, which benefited from this mode of transport between 1906 and 1953, is the fourth most populated city in the country, with 230,000 inhabitants, and should reach 320,000 inhabitants by 2050.

After a long phase of public surveys of road users, analyses of travel flows, and consultation with the population, the tramway appeared to be the best solution to guarantee a structured, efficient and high-capacity public mobility offer.

We are pleased to be able to put the SYSTRA’s tram expertise at the service of the next Swedish city to have chosen this sustainable mode of transport.

Lukas Lybeck Sköld, Business Area Director, SYSTRA Sweden

We have every confidence in SYSTRA’s teams to carry out this project, which will have a very positive impact on Uppsala and its inhabitants.

Christian Blomberg, Director of Urban Planning, City of Uppsala

SYSTRA leadS a complete project management team

Our Swedish teams were chosen as partners of Uppsala to supervise the construction of this new tramway, from site planning to the monitoring of construction work, including interfacing with all the local contractors selected by the local authorities.

The route of the future line will serve most of the employment and residential areas of Uppsala, connecting the two banks of the river Fyrisån. Its definition was discussed during the public consultation, to which SYSTRA contributed its expertise in multi-criteria analysis of transport modes. After the ground-breaking ceremony in 2025, the Uppsala tramway is expected to enter into service in 2029.

Before the tramway…
…and next, once the track platform is integrated into the urban landscape

Internationally recognised expertise

SYSTRA has all the expertise required to carry out the creation of tramway networks from A to Z. In Scandinavia, our teams have already made the return of tramways to Denmark in the cities of Aarhus and Odense possible. In the rest of the world, SYSTRA has been at the forefront of the return of tramways to favour in France, working with more than 25 French municipalities, but also in Italy, Morocco, and Algeria. SYSTRA has contributed to more than a hundred tramway projects, ranging from modernisation projects in Alexandria, Egypt, and Los Angeles to the creation of new lines in Washington, Sydney, Mauritius, and Rio de Janeiro.

Key features – Uppsala Tramway

  • 17km long
  • 22 stations
  • Y-shaped route with 2 branches

Did you know?

SYSTRA AB is making progress in the tramway market, and the Uppsala project is our first large-scale win in the country. But before that, our Swedish teams had already worked on two projects in the Kista district of Stockholm, carried out a study in Gothenburg and some minor work in Lund, which then led to the preparation of the programme and documentation for the future Uppsala tramway, as well as its financing. This is proof of a long-term commitment.

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