29 January 2024
In Peru, SYSTRA Subterra has signed a contract with the Urban Transportation Authority for Lima and Callao (ATU) to work on the Lima and Callao Metro (Metro de Lima).

The Metro de Lima is a rapid transit system that serves the cities of Lima and Callao, which together make up the Lima metropolitan area. The metro currently has one line in operation linking the district of Villa El Salvador in the south of Lima with San Juan de Lurigancho in the northeast of the city. There are five additional lines planned for the network. Work is progressing with the first trial run on Line 2 which took place on December 21, 2023.

The study will evaluate the impact of the construction method on the acquisition of land and services interferences, to water and electricity supply for example, during the execution phase of the project for the planned Line 3 of the Metro de Lima. The assignment includes a comparative analysis of the construction methods of the stations (Cut & Cover and Cavern) and the tunnels (TBM* and NATM**).

This new assignment will help to solve some of the problems faced by transport users in Lima. I’m delighted with this contract, which means we can look forward to working with our client ATU in the future.

José Miguel Galera, CEO SYSTRA Subterra
Urban integration of the Metro de Lima in the San Borja district – credit: GettyImages

A sustainable solution for Lima’s mobility issues

The absence of a comprehensive transport plan for Peru’s capital has aggravated the issue of constantly increasing road traffic, leaving the metropolitan region without a sustainable solution.

The Metro de Lima is providing that solution. By improving the quality of life of citizens and driving economic progress in the country, the Metro de Lima project qualifies as a major global infrastructure initiative that addresses urban challenges.

*tunnel boring machine

**The New Austrian tunneling method (NATM), also known as the sequential excavation method (SEM) or sprayed concrete lining method (SCL), is a method of modern tunnel design and construction employing sophisticated monitoring to optimise various wall reinforcement techniques based on the type of rock encountered as tunnelling progresses.

Photo header credit: Alstom

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