20 April 2023
The Group has intensified its sustainability actions throughout 2022: this is what emerges from its new Sustainability Report, which traces the transformation undertaken towards ever greater sobriety and inclusion.

Sustainability is now an integral part of Group’s Operations, and is a pillar of SYSTRA’s growth and a guarantee of its performance. Among the many initiatives undertaken this year within the Group, we have made the reduction of environmental impact in our client projects and our practices a key axis.

The Report highlights the launch of the Climate Trajectory, which covers both our operations, with the implementation of our Sustainable Design and Construction Framework, and our sites, with the measurement of our carbon emissions around the world.

Another major step forward is the Group’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Charter, which will be the basis for our future actions in this area and demonstrates our commitment to our employees on these subjects.

The Sustainability Report also looks at the strengthening of our service offering in the face of the energy transition challenge, thanks to our expertise in transport systems, our knowledge of the challenges of the energy sector and our ability to respond to these challenges.

Our expertise in transport systems, our knowledge of local issues and our simulation tools have enabled us to strengthen our service offering in the face of the energy transition.

Sustainability at SYSTRA is no longer just an ambition: it has become a reality. And we have the resources and solutions to have a positive impact on the projects we implement to continue to make the difference.

Christelle Chichignoud, Sustainability Director

2022 Sustainability Report

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