20 September 2018
On 17th September SYSTRA received a trophy at the ‘BIM d’Or 2018’ awards ceremony, organised by the publications ‘Le Moniteur’ and ‘Les Cahiers techniques du bâtiment’.

More than 300 people gathered at the Pavillon Dauphine in Paris to celebrate the winners of this 5th edition of the ‘BIM d’Or’, a major event for BIM professionals in which SYSTRA has participated for the third consecutive year. This competition awards projects carried out using digital models, for their exceptional, exemplary or innovative character. The projects submitted by SYSTRA were representative of our major projects and clearly illustrated our development in Building Information Modelling.

SYSTRA received a ‘BIM d’Argent’ award in the international infrastructure category, one of the three for which we were shortlisted. The jury chose to acknowledge our teams for the technical structuring and studies for the first section of the Bogotá metro.

Congratulations to the Bogotá project teams for this wonderful achievement.

This metro line, to which the eight million inhabitants of the Colombian capital are looking forward, will be constructed above ground.

Our project is one of 10 winning projects out of the 100 submitted and the first in the international infrastructure category.

The creation of BIM models for the entire metro line by integrating every technical discipline was a major challenge due to the great number of different disciplines and also the very short study period.

The whole project, 23km long, was created on a digital model by integrating information relating to: the viaduct, the stations, the depot, the railway system, the urban development and the TransMilenio BRT project that interfaces with the metro alignment. The new development of our ‘BIM in one click’ solution allowed us to model the viaduct by integrating railway systems, utilities and energy, over the 23km.

The BIM models were used during the coordination and project review meetings of the SYSTRA teams and our local partner INGETEC, but also with our client Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional (FDN), and Empresa Metro Bogotá (EMB).

This modelling was carried out in collaboration with INGETEC, our Colombian partner in charge of the depot, the MEP of the metro stations, urban design and the TransMilenio BRT infrastructures.

Finally, the model enables the insertion of the project in the city of Bogota to be visualised with a realistic rendering. Consequently, our client FDN, and in particular EMB, have with this model a powerful and realistic communication support tool with the local authorities to assist in decision-making and project validation.

Second successful year in a row

SYSTRA has won a ‘BIM d’Argent’ twice, following the award in 2017 for the preliminary studies of the third line of the Toulouse metro.

This year, SYSTRA was also nominated in two other categories:

  • ‘Projet d’infrastructure en France ’ (Infrastructure project in France), for planning of the SNCF Issy RER station.
  • ‘Démarche pionnière originale’ (Original pioneering initiative), for which we were candidates with PrestressBIM, a software solution for prestressed bridges.

Next year is already planned with new projects and new progress in BIM.

Click here for all the ‘BIM d’Or 2018’ awards which confirm the ever-increasing skills of French players and show that BIM is there at every stage of a project’s life cycle, no matter what the size or type of infrastructure involved.

Picture: 3D image of Bogotá metro station ©Empresa Metro de Bogotá, Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional

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