12 October 2022
Petra Ghanem joined SYSTRA as Director of Internal Control on 5 September, 2022.

Member of the Global Leadership Team, Petra Ghanem reports to Arnaud Jeudy, Chief Finance and Administration Officer. She is in charge of overall Internal control systems, Internal control environment, Group Risk Management as well as the IMS.

I wish Petra every success in the accomplishment of her missions. We are counting on her experience to strengthen the quality of our internal control and risk management within the Group, two indispensable pillars of our solidity.

Arnaud Jeudy, Chief Finance and Administration Officer

With Czech origins, and with a law degree from the University of Brno, Petra Ghanem started her career in internal audit at Accenture in Prague. Since then she has worked in various sectors and always in an international working environment: financial management in the automobile sector at Delphi, then at Atos International where she responsible for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and internal control.

After obtaining a certification in risk management (RIMAP) from the Federation of European Risk Management Associations, she was appointed Senior Risk Manager at Egencia, where she set up the internal control environment. 

Her last position was at  a French company, Poclain Hydraulics, where she led the internal control, group compliance programme and risk management.

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