12 May 2023
SYSTRA signs the Project Management and Supervision contract for the Development of the first Belgrade Metro Line.

On May 8th, 2023, SYSTRA signed a Project Management Consultancy (PMC) contract for Belgrade Metro line 1, with the City of Belgrade, the Ministry of transport and the “Belgrade Metro and Train” Public Utility Company as Employer, in a 50/50 association with its European partner DB E&C.

This contract is in line with the Cooperation agreement signed on 26 November 2020 between the French and Serbian governments for the implementation of major structuring projects. Three metro lines are planned in Belgrade in order to strengthen the public transport offer and reduce the use of cars within the Serbian capital.

A comprehensive and large-scale mission for the first metro in the Balkans

Belgrade metro is the first metro project in the Western Balkans. The line one project is divided into the Makiš Depot (in connection with the existing rail network), the line one phase 1 (15 stations and 15.4 km) and phase 2 (5.96 km and 6 stations). The project will mostly be underground and the Train and the Systems will use the latest state of the art Driverless technology from France. Commissioning is expected to take place by 2030.

The role of the PMC is to monitor and supervise the various Design and Build* contracts on behalf of the Client including the progress, cost, design, building permits, quality and performance up to and including the testing, commissioning and defect notification period. Works are scheduled to start later this year.

SYSTRA is very proud to be selected for this very exciting and challenging project. Our Group, with its expertise in similar projects and its involvement in 2/3 of the world driverless metro projects worldwide, will provide the necessary support to our Serbian client’s teams. This project will have a very positive impact on the life of Belgrade inhabitants, by considerably reducing the carbon footprint and strengthening the attractivity of the city. The Republic of Serbia can count on our long-term dedication to support the implementation of efficient, safe and innovative transport projects in the country and our commitment to the transfer of know-how to the Serbian engineering community.

Jean-Charles Vollery, Group Chief Operating Officer

*According to FIDIC Yellow Book

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