25 July 2019
The global public transport summit organised every two years by the UITP is a major event for transport sector professionals throughout the world. The 2019 edition of this gathering took place from 9th to 12th June in Stockholm, Sweden. On this occasion, SYSTRA teams had the honour of being selected to give two presentations, respectively on BIM and on Digital Transport Planning.

Thomas Juin, SYSTRA’s Chief Digital Officer, presented the challenges involved in the implementation of a BIM initiative in the context of the Eole project in Paris, as well as the methodologies developed in order to meet these challenges.

In its role of assistant to the owner SNCF Réseau, SYSTRA is responsible for defining the BIM methodology and requirements for the entire project.

This involves two objectives: deploy BIM for design and construction up to the obtaining of digital as-built records; and build BIM models for operation and maintenance.

Hubert Metgé, SYSTRA’s Digital Transport Planning Officer described a revolution that is underway, i.e. the deployment of web services dedicated to transport planning. How is this digital progress transforming the way in which all the actors involved work and what benefits will these actors reap?

To illustrate this, Hubert Metgé presented digital solutions developed by the teams in Qeto, the group’s software development studio. The solutions enable a digital twin of a transport network to be constructed and prospective studies, simulations and scenario comparisons to be carried out in order to facilitate decision making, relying on data from different sources: open or proprietary data made available by our clients.

These two presentations were delivered on the opening day of the UITP conference.

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