25 May 2023
The Dalfaber Level Crossing in Aviemore, Scotland has just been reopened. SYSTRA has delivered a modern and safe facility for all users on a railway line used by tourists.

This event, at the beginning of April, marked the culmination of two and a half years of coordinated work by SYSTRA’s Level Crossings team in York, UK to upgrade the previous Automatic Open Crossing, the last crossing of its kind in Scotland, to a new Automatic Half Barrier Crossing (Locally Monitored) on the heritage Strathspey Railway.

Following an initial project stage to define and approve the appropriate crossing type for the usage and unique asset ownership, SYSTRA was responsible for the detailed design which involved a wide range of disciplines including Level Crossings, Civils, Track, M&E, Highways and Drainage, Geotechnics, Site Services, Project Management, Planning and Document Control.


A safer environment for travel

This upgrade provides a safer environment for the travelling public and includes a new road surface, footpath, railway track, road traffic light signals, rail signals, control equipment building, power supply, signage, fencing and streetlighting.

A variety of project stakeholders

Stakeholder management was a big challenge in this project and SYSTRA worked with a team made up of people from five different organisations: SYSTRA, Scotia Homes, Strathspey Railway, The Highland Council and, at a later stage, the Principal Contractor, WM Donald. Early, and continued, engagement with the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) ensured this Project progressed smoothly through the ORR Statutory Consultation process to a successful culmination.

John Lowe, SYSTRA Principal Consultant (Level Crossings)

Did you know?

The UK had around 6,000 level crossings in 2019, while France had 15,405 in 2017.
In France, SYSTRA has already replaced several of these level crossings such as in the Paris region and in Normandy.
At the European level, including the United Kingdom, the rail networks had 108,196 level crossings in 2014, i.e. 1 LC every 2 km!

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