Optimising the infrastructure, fleet and operations of electric vehicle networks.

With the TESS simulation solution, simplify the electrification of your vehicle fleets and optimise your acquisition and operating costs.

As major players in urban mobility, operators of heavy or light vehicles are trying to offer mobility solutions capable of improving their infrastructure and vehicles energy performance. 

With TESS (Transit & Electromobility Smart Simulator), we can develop an energy transition plan that takes into account: 

  • your real operational conditions
  • variations in your vehicles’ energy consumption
  • your charging infrastructure needs.

easily converting your network into 100% electric vehicles.

Save on your operations costs and hit the ‘zero emissions’ road!


Modelling of your infrastructure and vehicle fleet

  • Model your constraints and operating conditions in just a few clicks 
  • Define your strategies for arrival and departure of vehicles at the depot
  • Access a database of vehicles and charging equipment already specified
  • Model your vehicles or charging equipment according to your own specifications 
  • Define your electrical distribution within the depot, while respecting the constraints and functionalities of the equipment
  • View your depot and infrastructure.

Estimation of on-road consumption and electrified service schedule 

  • Define the operational parameters of your fleets for creation of the vehicle schedule block definitions
  • Evaluate the impact of external conditions on the consumption of each route
  • Evaluate the impact of the positioning of the depots, on your lost kilometres (e.g. deadhead) 
  • Visualise the routes and the organisation of your blocks, according to the vehicle schedule.

Optimisation of acquisition and operating costs

  • Structure your operations without limits over a predefined period
  • Optimise the configuration and location of your depots
  • Define your vehicle charging strategies 
  • Size the fleet of electric vehicles needed to ensure your service
  • Test and analyse operational parameters to run your fleet at the best cost
  • Assess the impact of equipment failures on your service and the robustness of your facilities 
  • Visualise your operation (vehicle tasks) and depot management (arrival and departure) with real-time statistics.


The TESS solution provides all the disciplines necessary for successful energy transition of your transit system. As an ‘All in one’ solution, you can manage within the same platform: 

  • Transport planning studies
  • Electrical engineering
  • Operation and maintenance engineering
  • Battery technologies and charging systems.

You have the opportunity to identify the infrastructure and equipment needed to manage your fleet of 100% electric vehicles and thus reduce your environmental footprint. 


Société de transport de Montréal, Canada
Réseau de transport de la Capitale, Québec
Société de transport de Laval, Canada
RATP, Paris « Bus 2025 »


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