Tender Engineer, 

What is your Job?

I am responsible for handling the commercial activities associated with client’s tender requirements. I manage the technical and engineering delivery of proposals for projects. To be able to manage this, I analyse project requirements, create cost estimates, and prepare technical documentation. This job requires great attention to detail, good information retrieval skills and good coordination with other teams. It’s always a challenge to meet project requirements in the most cost-effective way. But the greatest satisfaction is seeing our proposals accepted by customers!

What do you like most in what you do?

The projects we have won contribute to the success of the SYSTRA Group, and that makes me particularly proud. This is also made easy by working with the most diverse unit at SYSTRA which facilitates career growth and continuous improvement. I also enjoy being involved in a wide range of projects from the very early stages, looking at different areas such as Tunnels, Complex Bridges, Roads and Highways, Railways, and transportation engineering as a whole.


SYSTRA promotes a positive work environment, we have a strong focus on company culture and ample opportunities for employee growth where the sky is the limit. There is an undeniable sense of camaraderie with co-workers, and we work seamlessly across the board as a connected team, enabling our work to be both enjoyable and rewarding. SYSTRA is well known for its record-breaking achievements and being part of the team that achieves this is what led to the choice of joining the SYSTRA family.