The Chacao Bridge

The Chacao Bridge

Today, you need to take a ferry or plane to cross Chile’s Chacao Canal and travel between the Island of Chiloé and the mainland.

Soon the Chacao Bridge will make travel between the two much easier and help to promote tourism on the island. This is the largest suspension bridge project in South America.

The surrounding environment poses a number of highly technical challenges (strong currents, presence of a seismic fault) and the bridge comprises some most unusual design characteristics (its length, two main spans, etc).

SYSTRA’s missions

SYSTRA is responsible for carrying out half the design studies, the other half will be carried out by the Norwegian designer, AAS-Jakobsen.

SYSTRA is in specifically responsible for producing:

  • Geological, geotechnical and seismic studies
  • Detailed designs for the foundations
  • Designs for the central tower, the steel deck and anchoring systems

The key technical challenges on this project are associated with the definition of the loads applied (impact of boats, wind and seismic activities) and the design of particularly complex models.

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