A Day In The Life at SYSTRA ANZ

8:30am: After catching the train or riding my bike, I usually get into the office just after 8:30am.

8:35am: I will usually greet everyone in the office and set myself up at the desk before grabbing a hot cup of tea to start the day

Ben Voss Day In the Life

9:00am: When starting on my work for the day, it is often good to review what meetings are coming up and if there are any urgent emails that require attention.

11:00am: Being in the office is always great to catchup with colleagues.

Ben Voss Day In the Life
Ben Voss Day In the Life

12:00pm: Team lunch in China Town is always a good day. Having an office in the city ensures I have plenty of good lunch options around me.

1:00pm: After lunch it is back to work. A team meeting to understand what the next priorities are for a current project. I especially like collaborating and bouncing ideas with my colleagues in person.

Ben Voss Day In the Life
Ben Voss Day In the Life

5:00pm: After a good afternoon of working, collaborating with colleagues and meeting deadlines, I pack up for the day and head home.

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Four to Join Horizons Program

We are excited to announce Ben Voss, Consultant – Systems Safety Assurance, Amine Aloui, Consultant – Train Control and Signalling, Gemma Main, Senior Consultant – Systems Safety Assurance and Thomas Britland, Principal Consultant – Human Factors have been selected to join the Rail Industry Safety Standards Board (RISSB) Horizons Program 5.0.

The Horizons Program offers a unique opportunity to up and coming technical professionals who want to broaden their knowledge and understanding of technology in rail. The program seeks to address the challenges of the rail industry by offering participants knowledge sharing and leadership development opportunities that focuses on improving critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

Ben Voss
Gemma Main

Dave Cahilap, Learning and Talent Development Manager, SYSTRA says, “We are incredibly excited for Ben, Amine, Gemma and Tom. All four are outstanding individuals who continue to uphold our values and who have all excelled in their roles helping to shape positive outcomes for our clients and the community.

“Their selection as part of the Horizons Program will provide them with a greater understanding of the industry as well as input into its direction.”

Ben adds, “I’m really looking forward to attending the Horizons Program, I’m particularly keen to hear from some of the industry’s most senior leaders as well as develop my professional network.”

The Horizons Program is aimed at technical professionals aged 35 and under who have been identified as emerging high potential leaders or those who would benefit from learning more about the rail industry and new technologies. The Horizons Program includes:

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