Technical details
City of Kingston

2018 : signing of the contract, then preparatorty workd
2019 : start of construction work

Detailed design and construction supervision
Kiewit and Hatch within an IPD model – Integrated Project Delivery
Bridges and Structures

SYSTRA is at the heart of a consortium with engineering firm Hatch and construction company Kiewit for the building of a new crossing on the Cataraqui River for the community of Kingston in the province of Ontario, Canada.

The aim of the new bridge is to improve traffic and trade in the region, especially between the east and west banks of the city, which are crossed by the river. This new road will also benefit the rapid response of emergency services. The 1.2 km long bridge will be dedicated to road traffic but will include a multimodal lane reserved for cyclists and pedestrians.

The realisation of this new crossing was launched under the IPD model, similar to the design-build model with the difference that the three members of the consortium and our client work as equal partners in a team. In this scheme, SYSTRA is responsible in particular for the detailed design of the main bridge, as a mixed structure with lower arch, and for the construction supervision.

We work hand in hand with the authorities with the aim of a rapid completion of the project, without compromising safety or environmental protection. For example, in order to protect the land and aquatic environments as much as possible from the construction site’s right-of-way, an exclusion fence was built to keep local wildlife away from the work.