Technical details
Department of Transport

2019 – 2020

Melbourne, Australia
Lunarr Pty Ltd
Asset Management

SYSTRA has developed a performance model in Melbourne to facilitate asset management and operations on the Victoria Line, a rail network with 22 million passengers per year.

The model and results analyses enabled:

  • Prediction of the improvement in operational performance of the line, in terms of punctuality and delivery under an asset upgrade
  • Taking into consideration the influence of future timetables, patronage, asset condition and all causes of disruption to rail operations
  • Targeting investment in assets to improve operational performance

SYSTRA also provided advice on how to improve the processing of the data obtained.

The study enabled the precise duration of incidents to be determined and possible disruptive events using the GPS data collected. Performance modelling was also carried out in order to visualise different scenarios for specific use cases.

In the end, the study allowed for informed decision making through data analysis.

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