22 February 2022
The Czech authorities are considering the possibility of building a high speed rail network in the coming years. SYSTRA is responding to this ambition as part of a consortium led by the European engineering company Afry.

High speed rail will soon be a reality in Moravia, a vast region in the east of the Czech Republic. The Afry-led consortium has won a contract for the Moravian Gate I project, one of the pilot programmes for future Czech high speed lines. The project will bring about a major transformation of the country’s public transport map.

After the contract for the Rail Baltica high-speed line in the Baltic States and this one in Central Europe, we can see that the projects are becoming unblocked in France and that they are continuing in the United Kingdom, Italy and Sweden. This bodes well for SYSTRA, as our expertise in systems, civil engineering, testing and integrated project management fully meets our clients’ expectations

Frédéric Dufour, Director of Western Europe, International West

A new impetus inspired by France

The Czech railway operator relies on French experience for the design and construction of its high speed lines. This is a key advantage for SYSTRA, as our Group has been involved in every LGV project undertaken in France, as well as in every project to export French high speed know-how to Korea, Morocco and the United Kingdom.

The aim of the Moravian Gate HSL project is to increase the capacity of the rail network on the busiest lines, primarily for passenger trains but also to position the Czech network at the heart of European high speed rail links by connecting Prague to Munich, Dresden, Vienna, Bratislava, Katowice, and Wroclaw.

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