16 November 2021
Tramway development continues in the Lyon conurbation with the creation of the future T10 line, the project management of which has been entrusted to SYSTRA and its partners Presents, Ilex, Transitec et Strates.

This new line, planned as a ring road, will serve the south of the Lyon conurbation. This area, which is currently undergoing major redevelopment, is poorly served despite being home to many underprivileged neighbourhoods, major economic activities and the Gerland bio-district, which is also a multimodal transport hub. 

Cooperation in Lyon between SYSTRA and SYTRAL, Lyon’s transport organisation, is continuing after the T4, T5 and T6 South tramways, and this is an excellent sign.

Bruno Baumgarten, SYSTRA Urban Projects’ Direction

This new tramway line in Lyon will enable us to capitalise on our past experience, and above all to project ourselves into the future thanks to the implementation of an eco-design approach, in order to deliver a tramway line that is part of a sustainable development dynamic: rainwater management, choix of materials, low-carbon construction site, safeguarding of resources by reusing materials, carbon footprint etc.

Ronald Jacob, SYSTRA Urban Projects’ Direction

This contract confirms our position as an important regional player in mobility and territory development.

Yoann Laurent, Development Director of SYSTRA for Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

More than 15 years in the service of Lyon’s tramways

Along with Paris, Montpellier and Bordeaux, Lyon is one of the cities with the most tramways in France. Many of these lines were designed by SYSTRA. After preliminary studies in 1998 for the creation of the first lines of the network, our first project management assignment dates back to 2005. Since then, there has been a succession of projects:

  • T4 phase 1 between Lyon Part-Dieu station and Vénissieux (2005-2009) 
  • T2 extension:  
    • Towards Eurexpo (2009-2013) 
    • Towards Rond-Point René Cassin (2012-2017) 
  • T3 extension towards the Grand Stade (2009-2014) 
  • T4 phase 2 up to IUT Feyssine (2008-2013) 
  • T6 South between Debourg and Hôpitaux-Est (2015-2019)

Thus, in 15 years, almost 30km of lines have been signed by SYSTRA teams.

2021 marks the revival of tramway projects, with successes for SYSTRA throughout France: after the B lines in Tours and Brest, here is the T10 in Lyon. We are continuing our efforts to innovate and provide our clients with sustainable solutions for these various projects, which are real catalysts of urban transformation.

Sylvie Cassan, Sales Director SYSTRA France


  • 8 km
  • 14 to 16 stations
  • 25 minutes from terminus to terminus
  • 3 municipalities served
  • Expected ridership: over 22,000 passengers/day (in 2030)
  • Commissioning: early 2026

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