05 April 2022
SYSTRA has signed a contract with longstanding client PKP for the development of design documentation for the modernisation of railway line 273, on the Księgnice – Brzeg Dolny section of Poland's railway network.

The scope of the contract includes the modernisation of the so-called ‘bottleneck’ of the main connection of Lower Silesia with the seaports of Szczecin and Świnoujście on the Baltic Sea coast. The major improvements of line capacity will be achieved thanks to reconstruction of the railway bridge over the Odra River. The elaboration of the design will be preceded by detailed sampling and tests that allow for the assessment of the technical conditions of the nearly 400-metre-long engineering facility.

Apart from the bridge, the design documentation also covers a 3-kilometre section of the railway line, were scope of the design included modernisation of track alignment, drainage and culverts, overhead contact system, railway signalling, telecom and non-traction power supply infrastructure. In addition, the SYSTRA contract also includes a full administrative procedure for obtaining the required decisions and permits.

The modernisation and capacity improvements of the so-called bottlenecks on railway lines is a significant part of the growth of the Polish railway infrastructure’s functionality. I’m glad to manage such projects, where we have learnt from previous experience on the reconstruction of the existing railway infrastructure and can broaden the team’s capability by via experiences thanks to designing demanding facilities.

Marcin Garbarczyk, Project Manager SYSTRA Poland

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