08 January 2021
SYSTRA has been awarded two significant work packages on the Transpennine Route Upgrade (TRUe), a strategic railway project in which we have been involved for almost a decade.

The SYSTRA group has been supporting the TRUe project for almost ten years, working for Network Rail, the entity responsible for the maintenance and development of British rail infrastructure.

In addition to our ongoing work on TRUe, we will continue to work on the detailed design of Project 1, and we will now move into the early works for the outline design phase for Projects 2,3 & 4. 

Our assignment, in line with TRUe’s aim to improve journey times and train frequencies between the major cities in the north of England and thereby make a significant contribution to economic growth, covers the design from York Station to Leeds Station, part of which runs on the East Coast Main Line, on which SYSTRA has been working for several years, before branching off to Leeds. 

A strategic project

We will undertake the majority of the design works including track (alignment correction, line clearance and ballast renewal), electrification, geotechnical, structural, environmental, civil, level crossing, assurance and BIM engineering, with the exception of the design of signalling and telecoms engineering which is being done by our other partners involved in the project.  

The project is a strategic priority of the government and we are proud to be making a major contribution. We have been working on it since its inception, as design partner for Network Rail and more recently for the VolkerRail, Siemens, Murphy Alliance, the Tier 1 supplier to Network Rail.

Keith Moverley, Major Projects Director at SYSTRA UK

Another major benefit: sustainable travel

TRUe is one of six rail projects earmarked last July by Network Rail* for ‘Project Speed’ to be funded by the government with the aim of working towards a net-zero target, i.e. achieving a balance between the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. Consequently, complete electrification of the railway is a priority as it will deliver big long-term environmental benefits. 

  • Transpennine Railway 
  • Length: 76 miles (122.3km)
  • Location: North of England, between York and Manchester
  • No. of stations served: 23
  • No. of bridges and viaducts along the route: 285
  • Route in tunnel: 6 miles (9.7km)
  • Level crossings: 29

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