30 November 2022
Reflecting the SYSTRA Group’s efforts to attract the best talent, our entity in Sweden has been appointed one of the country’s ‘Career Companies 2023’.

SYSTRA Sweden was selected by the organisation Karriärföretagen (Career Companies) which, since 2011, has presented Sweden’s most attractive employers every year, making the chosen companies a Career Company for one year. The award is given to employers who offer unique career and development opportunities for students and professionals, both young and senior.

The jury chose SYSTRA Sweden as a ‘Career Company 2023’ because of the successful deployment of our employer brand, which values its dynamic company culture and its perceived fun and pleasant working environment, the involvement of its employees in their work, and the attention paid to company-wide communication.

This award is clear evidence of SYSTRA Sweden’s ability to attract competent and talented people via our effective employer branding. Our teams work actively to create a positive company culture and provide opportunities for development and careers within the organisation.

Sandra Enhol Blomqvist, HR Manager, SYSTRA AB

SYSTRA Sweden: a fast-growing subsidiary

SYSTRA in Sweden has been growing steadily for the past four years, both in terms of turnover and number of employees. The latter figure increased fivefold between 2018 and today.

Our 280 collaborators at SYSTRA Sweden can be proud of this progress and this recognition.

SYSTRA SWEDEN in figures

  • 15 offices:
  • 14 in Sweden, 1 in Denmark
  • Main office: Göteborg, 79 employees
  • 280 employees:
  • 275 employees under SYSTRA AB contract in Sweden
  • 5 employees under SYSTRA AB contract in Denmark
  • Breakdown:
  • 30% are women, 70% are men
  • 14 years experience on average

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