29 April 2022
In its new Sustainability Report, the Group presents its roadmap for sustainable development: to nurture the trust of its stakeholders and make a difference.

Sustainable development at SYSTRA is a corporate conviction. We are driven by two key aims: building trust with our direct stakeholders as part of a constructive listening and collaborative approach so as to make a difference, having a positive and sustainable impact on the environment and on all of us.

The Sustainability Report 2021, drawn up in line with international standards, details our commitments to each of our stakeholders and the action taken to meet them. In all areas, SYSTRA has increased its initiatives in favour of sustainable development: whether in terms of ethics, innovation, client satisfaction, employee commitment, the sustainable design and carbon footprint for our sites, the Group’s sustainable growth trajectory continues.

“At SYSTRA, we want our sustainability strategy to be long-term. For the past two years, we have been building a concrete roadmap that is closely linked to the business, a real lever for a profound cultural transformation.”

Christelle Chichignoud, Group Sustainability Director

2021 Sustainability Report

Find out how SYSTRA makes a difference in its Sustainability Report 2021.

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