04 November 2022
SYSTRA has been selected by Trafikverket, Sweden’s transport administration, to design tender and construction documents for the replacement of signalling systems with ERTMS* on a highly strategic stretch of railway.
Local train in Skåne on its way to Malmö.

For this assignment, SYSTRA will design these documents for the replacement of signalling systems with ERTMS* for the control areas Kävlinge, Eslöv, Lund and Arlöv.

The assignment also includes permit management and the production of administrative documents.

It is planned that traffic under ERTMS signalling will take place from 2030 for the areas around Lund and Eslöv, and from 2032 for the areas around Kävlinge and Arlöv.

This assignment is a great opportunity for SYSTRA’s teams in Sweden to further strengthen our reputation in the field of ERTMS, a strategic priority for the country’s railway network.

Harris Telianidis, project manager, SYSTRA Sweden

A range of technologies

This project involves Track, Electricity, Signal, Telecommunications and Ducting with an emphasis on signalling, but also areas such as ground, environment, dewatering, geotechnics, measurement, land negotiation and roads.

Furthermore, the design will be carried out in line with the requirements for BIM within ERTMS.

SYSTRA working to facilitate Swedish rail travel

ERTMS aims to simplify cross-border travel and transport within Europe and this assignment forms part of Trafikverket’s ’Program ERTMS’ for the development of the system and its implementation across Sweden.

SYSTRA has worked since 2016 on the planning stages for the introduction of ERTMS of several sections of railway in Sweden on the Västra stambanan (Western Main Line), Södra stambanan (Southern Main Line), Malmbanan (Iron Ore Line and Kustbanan (Coastal Line).

*European Rail Traffic Management System, designed to harmonise signalling across the continent.

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