21 September 2021
The HappyTrainees label is awarded to companies that pay special attention to the support and management of students and young graduates. More than 96% of our interns, those on work-study and V.I.E. (international volunteer) programmes recommend SYSTRA.

In a satisfaction survey of 109 people in the above-mentioned categories within the Group and in France, SYSTRA received an overall score of 4.25 out of 5. This score especially highlights the action taken by the teams during the health crisis to encourage the integration and professional development of young people. This is the second time that SYSTRA has been awarded HappyTrainees certification.

The main results of the HappyTrainees survey show that:

  • 96.5% of young people would recommend SYSTRA as a place to do an internship/work-study programme/V.I.E.
  • 93.6% had the impression that they were learning and progressing during their placement;
  • 89.5% found meaning and usefulness in what they were doing and appreciated the quality of human relations (respect, sincerity, accessibility) within SYSTRA;
  • 87.7% felt that SYSTRA gave them real responsibilities;
  • 85.4% felt that they benefited from an integration process which enabled them to make an impact quickly;
  • 84.8% felt recognised and encouraged in their efforts.

The HappyTrainees 2022 label is an acknowledgement of our commitment to the integration and training of our future employees. We are proud to offer them an attractive and pleasant working environment and we thank them for their involvement.

Stéphane Birien, Chief Human Resources Officer

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