16 November 2020
On 11th November, SYSTRA was awarded Highly Commended in the category 'Best Environmental & Sustainability Initiative' by the jury of the Global Light Rail Awards.

Every year, these awards, which are held in the UK, recognise the best global tramway projects. SYSTRA’s entry was for the innovative tramway track watering solution installed on Paris’s T3 line, on which the route is grassed at several points.

With a view to combating climate change and creating a better experience for passengers, SYSTRA explored different irrigation options around the world and in various sectors in order to find the most environmentally-friendly, sustainable and appropriate water management solution.

An innovative drainage solution to reduce water consumption

It was in collaboration with Netafim, an Israeli specialist in water management solutions for agriculture, that the solution was finally found: instead of laying a continuous waterproof slab, we designed with a ladder-shaped slab an underground system of water distribution drop by drop, ensuring a controlled irrigation and an efficient consumtion of water. A special grass was also chosen for its environmental qualities: it absorbs twice as much CO2 as the existing grass, thus reducing air pollution and improving air cooling. Because the grass is not tall, it is also easier to maintain. 

By sharing lessons learned and best practices from the agricultural industry, SYSTRA developed an innovative and sustainable solution for underground watering using rainwater. In addition to the environmental benefits, the new watering solution and the grass used, reduceoperating and investment costs, due to a reduction in required maintenance. 

SYSTRA was also recognised at the event last year, being Highly Commended in the ‘Vision of the Year’ category for our White Paper ‘Automated and Autonomous Public Transport’.

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