26 January 2021
The joint venture team consisting of COWI, Parsons and SYSTRA, with Implement Consulting Group as subconsultant, has been awarded DSB’s large framework contract on multidisciplinary consultancy services for the automation of the S-train system in the Greater Copenhagen Area, Denmark. The contract has a term of eight years with the possibility of two six-year extensions.

The purpose of the contract is to transform the Danish S-train system from a traditional urban railway to a fully automated transport system – the Copenhagen Future Rail Network, making this one of the most extensive public transit optimisation projects undertaken in Denmark in recent years.
The transformation will contribute to growth and mobility in the Greater Copenhagen Area, while fostering a green urban environment and accommodating more passengers.

Multidisciplinary expertise to ensure successful transformation

In the preliminary phase, DSB substantiated the basis for S-train automation. Under the new contract, the Joint Venture team will assist DSB in realising the transformation, by developing a well-planned and executed migration to the automated S-train system and an operating organisation that efficiently and safely operates the new trains.

The joint venture team brings competencies and hands-on experience in fully automated transport systems, including technical requirements and migration of technical systems, as well as planning and implementation of complex change processes.

Establishing a fully automated S-train system is an extensive and crucial project that will benefit passengers in the future, while representing a key element in updating public transit in the Greater Copenhagen Area. When awarding the consultancy contract, we rated experience with similar projects high. The COWI-Parsons-Systra joint venture holds vast experience in large-scale railway projects – conventional as well as automated – and is a great match for us in the transformation to an automated S-train system.

Jesper Andersen, Programme Manager of DSB
1) Jean-Charles Vollery, Directeur Général Adjoint International et Développement, membre du Directoire

SYSTRA is extremely delighted to support DSB on the Copenhagen Future Rail Network Programme, together with its long-time partners COWI and Parsons. The transition of such a large network into a driverless operation is indeed quite unique in the world. For SYSTRA, it is also the continuation of more than 15 years of projects in Denmark to enhance its mobility solutions.

Jean-Charles VOLLERY, Chief International and Development Officer, SYSTRA

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