Landscape architect, 

What is your job?

I am a landscape architect based in Gothenburg but working closely with colleagues in our offices in Stockholm and Malmö. I design public space and my strength lies in early stages, forging concepts, scheming strategies, and building visions.

I have about 10 years of working experience in the Netherlands, where I have my origins, and 5 years in the Nordics where I now work, live, and enjoy nature.

What do you do at SYSTRA?

I joined SYSTRA in January 2022 and so far, I have been working on many different projects. For example, I have been in the lead of designing the new central park to the city of Södertälje, drawing a renovation of a historic bathing area and working on the green parts of new street designs.

Besides that, I also work on bids, doing my best to win interesting projects for my colleagues and me to work on.

One of my strongest drivers in my work is environmental sustainability. To make our living environment more green, resilient, and worthwhile.

In that aspect I joined the internal competition called Spark Challenge in which each employee at SYSTRA could send in ideas to improve the company. Our idea is a tool which makes sure that environmental topics are regarded in each SYSTRA project from the very start. When considered at an early stage, environmental topics can truly make a difference in working sustainably.

What are the 3 important qualities or skills in your job?

In my opinion the main skill for a landscape architect is to sell dreams. To come up with ideas everybody loves and supports. This strengthens the chance on realisation of the project. For doing this we make compelling drawings and visualisations.

Another trait of a landscape architect is to work with many different topics and layers in a plan. We make links between ecology & constructions, recreation & economy, and realisation & maintenance. Each aspect has its own needs and demands. I see it as a challenge to make connections in a way that they benefit each other, that 1+1 makes 3.

As a landscape architect I work with living material. This means that I don’t think so much of the final result but much more about growing conditions. For plants, animals but also us human beings. Both in designs and the process of projects.


I joined SYSTRA Nordics because it is still a young, pioneering company but with the support of a strong, settled international association. I like to explore, find myself in new situations.

Also in infrastructure projects I see great opportunities to improve our living environment, making it sustainable.