Branch Manager, 

What is your job?

As the Branch Manager of the Taiwan Branch, I am responsible for the entity’s sound financial health, for the continuous improvement of our processes to make them more efficient, and I steer the commercial strategy. Additionally, I am responsible for creating and implementing effective strategies for business development growth, to identifying the new projects, developing and maintaining relationships with potential clients and partners, and creating new scope and services.

What do you like most in what you do?

By successfully completing seemingly impossible tasks one by one, it brings an unparalleled fulfillment to me. I also like to analyse the specific requirements of each project to cater to the needs of the clients, to deliver the services for ensuring the ongoing success and meet the Group’s performance standards.


SYSTRA provides a working environment conducive to effective communication and collaboration. The autonomy of each individual is encouraged on a daily basis and this is much appreciated. Particular attention is paid to personal development and to diversity, equity and inclusion, so that all employees can benefit from the same professional opportunities throughout the world.