Sarah Murdoch
Senior Environmental Consultant

What is your job?

I have been Senior Environmental Consultant for over 3 years and I am responsible for identifying and managing environmental risks and opportunities.   I am experienced in working across major rail projects and more recently working on HS2. 

I have 19 years’ experience in the construction and rail sectors and gained a wealth of knowledge across both design and on-site works.  This has provided invaluable when assessing clients needs at design stage and ensuring the smooth transition to on site works. 

What do you do at SYSTRA?

My missions at SYSTRA are to continue to monitor environmental protection and also to educate and promote Sustainability.  I remain committed to ensuring the business promotes the subjects to its clients and employees and inspires others to embed sustainability within all its projects and within business practices itself.

I am also passionate about inspiring younger generations to investigate careers within environmental protection and sustainability subjects and will continue to encourage, nurture and motivate young people within the activities I conduct and colleagues I mentor within the business.

What are the 3 important qualities or skills in your job?

It’s important to be adaptable to client’s requirements, needs and expectations whilst also being mindful of their milestones and financial constraints.   

Authenticity is essential as its important people see you for who you are and understand what your qualities and values are.  If both colleagues and clients know you are dependable and genuine this helps build tangible relationships and friendships.    

Finally, a methodical approach is needed to ensure a planned and controlled approach to projects ensuring all environmental and sustainability elements can be considered. 


SYSTRA is a multi-disciplinary engineering business and therefore, opportunities to liaise with other engineering experts presents itself on a daily basis.  This presents precious possibilities to interact with other professionals and develop solutions that are suitable to both our clients and the business.