Make the right business decisions, optimize complex processes, and predict outcomes.

AnyLogic is a multipurpose simulation software with wide-ranging capabilities.

The software is a reference in modelling technology across various industries and disciplines: transportation, manufacturing, supply chains and logistics, retail, business processes, social and ecosystem dynamics, project management, asset management, and more.

Some of AnyLogic’s notable features include:

  • Ability to create discrete events, agent based and system dynamics-based simulations;
  • 2D and 3D visualizations;
  • Ability to import CAD drawings;
  • Creation of interactive models;
  • Various industry-specific tools;
  • GIS map integration.


The strength of AnyLogic in analyzing transportation systems is that a simulation can be tailored to include all components of a system to the level of detail required for each project. A dynamic model can capture a railway’s operations to the level of detail necessary to study the impact of various proposed improvement projects.

The software can also simulate the proposed design of a new railway, making it possible to develop or validate an operating plan. Some examples of studies which can be done using railway simulations include:

  • Railway capacity analysis;
  • Analyzing the operational delays associated with train meets or other factors;
  • Studying the impact of infrastructure and rolling stock-related incidents and deficiencies;
  • Optimizing train meet locations;
  • Fleet sizing and train composition planning;
  • Analysis of loading and unloading operations at the terminals;
  • Optimizing rolling stock maintenance and maintenance shop activities;
  • Determining the impact of rolling stock equipment failures and repair times.

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Maya Dimitrova
Civil Engineer, Intercity & Heavy Rail