Operations analysis and simulation help agencies address their system’s distinct needs and intricate challenges and is a complement to all sectors of work: planning, design and engineering, systems, track, electrical, and construction.

To help clients with transportation investments and alternative analysis, capital project planning, line capacity studies, signal system analysis, rail systems power consumption studies and analysis, and operations simulation during and after construction, SYSTRA uses software tools that include our proprietary RailSim Software Suite.


SYSTRA’s RailSim Software Suite is the rail and rapid transit industry’s leading analytical tool for modelling and simulating rail systems’ operations and performance. It is designed to simulate all facets of rail systems as well as the interactions of trains with infrastructure, control systems, and the operation of complex systems and networks. RailSim can accurately simulate most rail system–light rail, heavy rail, and high-speed rail.

SYSTRA regularly customizes and enhances the RailSim software suite to users’ needs and experiences to improve rail and rapid transit operations. For more than 25 years, RailSim® has supported rail and rapid transit operating and engineering teams with the information and data required to effectively manage their rail systems.


The RailSim Software Suite is composed of multiple modules that simulate and analyze the specific features of rail and rapid transit systems relating to operations, signal engineering, and electric traction power networks.

This includes the examination of power demand, consumption, and system performance as well as alternative analysis for track outages, infrastructure configurations, and engineering designs.

The software develops and achieves data collection and information to support essential business decisions and requirements.

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Hubert Lyotier
Systems Lead, SYSTRA