SYSTRA Canada’s Comprehensive GIS Services: Tailored Solutions and Technological Excellence

At SYSTRA Canada, we use our geomatics and GIS expertise to reduce complexity, lower costs, and maximize value for our clients worldwide.

Leveraging advanced technical proficiency and extensive experience in mapping software applications, SYSTRA Canada’s dynamic team specializes in data conversion, spatial modeling, web-map design, cartography, GIS, and remote sensing.

We meticulously tailor solutions for diverse sectors, including municipal, provincial, and federal governments, urban development, forestry, and emergency response. Our expertise extends seamlessly to linear projects for railways, pipelines, fiber-optics, and power transmission.

We excel in deploying and implementing GIS on various platforms, including the cutting-edge ArcGIS Online/Enterprise. At SYSTRA Canada, innovation is ingrained in our approach, ensuring that our GIS services not only meet but surpass expectations, providing clients with the essential tools for informed decision-making and effective environmental management.

Location is crucial in transportation engineering projects, and GIS enhances workflows, fosters insights, and promotes collaboration. Our GIS solutions offer innovative applications across diverse areas, such as:

  • GIS modeling, analysis, and reporting;
  • Transportation corridor and engineering network mapping;
  • Digital delivery of technical reports via web GIS applications;
  • Asset Management with GIS;
  • Municipal planning and landscape architecture;
  • Land use and land cover mapping;
  • Development impact visualization;
  • Needs analysis and assessment;
  • Dataset creation, manipulation, implementation;
  • 3D modeling;
  • Flood hazard mapping.

Digital delivery of technical reports via web GIS applications

In our pursuit of leveraging technology to its fullest potential, ArcGIS Enterprise stands as a cornerstone of our operations, offering a gateway to the digital realm. Recognizing the limitations of conventional static formats such as PDFs or printed documents, we have embraced a dynamic digital delivery approach.

This strategic shift empowers us to imbue our technical reports with interactive elements, breathing vitality into traditional components such as maps, photographs, text, charts, and tables within the digital landscape. The main advantage is heightened engagement. Through this innovative approach, users can actively engage with project intricacies, fostering a deeper comprehension of the proposed solutions.

Asset Management with GIS

Embracing GIS for asset management marks a strategic shift, ensuring a balanced approach to requirements and budgets. Our expertise extends to addressing challenges in operating, managing, and maintaining assets across various domains.

Leveraging methodologies like drone data collection, AI-driven extraction, geodatabase creation, and web GIS applications, our approach epitomizes efficiency and agility in asset stewardship.

Leveraging Power BI for Dynamic Reporting Deliverables

In our team, Power BI mastery is vital for deriving insights from data. Seamlessly connecting to various databases like SQL Server, Azure, Excel, and SharePoint, we merge intricate datasets for a comprehensive business overview. Power BI, our primary reporting tool, crafts visually engaging reports and dashboards, integrating GIS data for deeper analysis. Its interactive features facilitate transparency and collaboration.

Through adept utilization, we streamline reporting, consistently delivering strategic insights that reflect our commitment to data analytics and adaptability to our organization’s needs.

GIS with AEC and BIM

At SYSTRA CANADA, we seamlessly integrate AutoDesk’s AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) and BIM software with GIS and ESRI software, facilitating the smooth exchange of information among project stakeholders.

By incorporating location data, our team ensures that colleagues and clients gain enhanced insights into projects within their spatial context. This approach enables us to deliver consistently effective solutions, optimizing planning, construction, and operation processes in both built and natural environments.

The emphasis on spatial awareness drives the creation of innovative solutions with significant impact on both built and natural environments.

At SYSTRA Canada, we’re not merely utilizing GIS tools; we’re harnessing their transformative potential to propel our clients’ projects to unprecedented levels of success. From leveraging AGOL’s cloud-based capabilities to harnessing ArcGIS Pro’s analytical prowess, and seamlessly integrating with AEC, BIM software, and Power BI, our toolkit epitomizes our dedication to innovation and excellence.

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Reza Saremi
Geomatics Lead