Technical details


Support exo’s acquisition of new locomotives
Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. and Cysca Technologies
Preliminary Study, Tendering, Procurement, Testing & Commissioning

Exo is procuring new diesel-electric locomotives to augment/ replace their current fleet.

Exo has selected SYSTRA Canada’s services in project management and technical assistance by an expert team to support the procurement of 10 new diesel-electric Charger locomotives from Siemens.

SYSTRA Canada’s mandate includes the following tasks:

  • Actively participate in the Locomotive design process by performing analyses of all documents submitted by the Contractor, including Contract Deliverables Requirements Lists (CDRLs), drawings, plans, test procedures, reports and identifying any non-conformities with the procurement contract or applicable standards;
  • Review all design documentation: PDR, IDR, and FDR in a timely manner;
  • Manage all CDRLs from the first CDRL review through acceptance of the final CDRL release, as well as all updates after the final release;
  • Provide exo with all documents and justifications to make decisions regarding the Requests for Information (RFIs) and the compliance or non-compliance of the Contractor’s proposals;
  • Make technical recommendations as to the acceptability of the Contractor’s proposed solutions and in cases where the solution is not acceptable, propose possible solutions;
  • Participate in the Drawing Review (DR) and design validation process by attending Inspections, First Production Inspections (FAI) of the various systems and complete Locomotives and participate in the static and dynamic qualification tests of the Locomotives as specified in the procurement contract;
  • Perform an analysis of all documentation submitted by the Contractor, in order to advise exo on the compliance of the systems and Locomotives;
  • Make technical recommendations for any changes that can be implemented by the Manufacturer that would improve the performance, maintainability, reliability or operating cost of the Locomotives;
  • Review maintenance manuals and parts catalogues and training documentation to ensure compliance with the procurement contract;
  • Prepare and coordinate follow-up meetings and conference calls as per the procurement contract schedule;
  • Prepare and distribute meeting minutes to exo no later than two days after the meeting;
  • Manage meeting minutes within the document management system to facilitate distribution and meet the 2-day deadline;
  • Prepare and manage correspondence related to the Work through a database that allows exo to view correspondence in a concise and organized manner;
  • Implement a secure electronic file management system to allow for the confidential exchange of documents with exo, its partners and the Contractor;
  • Take all necessary steps to ensure compliance with the quality requirements of the Work and the implementation of the applicable warranty;
  • Analyze any change order requests submitted by the Contractor or exo, and make written recommendations to exo regarding the administration of such requests;
  • Review any claim submitted by the Contractor and make written recommendations to exo regarding the administration of such claim;
  • Review the Contractor’s shop drawings and those of the Contractor’s subcontractors to ensure that they meet the required specifications;
  • Conduct studies, inspections, and verification analyses of substitutes for all Equipment for recommendation to exo;
  • Validate the list of non-conformities in the Provisional Acceptances and Final Acceptances of Locomotives;
  • Follow up and monitor the Contractor’s test work and quality control and analyze the compliance of test procedures and reports and their results with the requirements of the procurement contract;
  • Make applicable recommendations regarding the achievement of milestones and delivery of contractual documents and deliverables required under the acquisition contract;
  • Track and analyze the CDRL and the deliverables themselves for quality and level of compliance with requirements;
  • Report to exo any Contractor deficiencies or defaults and participate in the issuance and follow-up of any Notices of Defect;
  • Where appropriate, participate in the dispute resolution process;
  • Coordinate all activities related to the Commissioning of Locomotives;
  • Ensure that the exo Project Manager’s approval is obtained for the deployment and coordination of its professional teams.
  • Manage Contract modifications/changes and warranty implementation following delivery of locomotives and acceptance of the first locomotive. SYSTRA Canada provides follow-up on changes to the procurement contract and follow-up on the implementation of any warranties (including any necessary Inspection, Verification and Analysis). These Professional Services are provided from the site office or from a location to be designated by exo:
    • Monitoring of Locomotive Reliability Rate;
    • Follow-up on technical issues;
    • Review and approval of modification requests with the Project Manager;
    • Follow-up on the implementation of modifications;
    • Review of “as built” documentation to be provided by the Contractor.