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Southern California Regional Rail Authority (Metrolink)


Rebuilding SCCRRA’s Metrolink fleet
Project Management, Procurement, Quality Control and Testing, Design: Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Interior Refurbishment, Systems Integration

The Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA) fleet of 121 Bombardier Bilevel cars for Metrolink service was mostly manufactured between 1991-2002 and were due for a mid-life overhaul. In 2019, SCRRA awarded a contract to a joint venture led by SYSTRA to rebuild the fleet.

The goal of this contract is to improve the reliability and appearance of the fleet, but also to update/upgrade it to comply with current standards and regulations.

In addition to the need for upgrading the trains due to their age and extensive use, SCRRA also desires to integrate the Bombardier-built cars with the rest of their fleet (built by another OEM). This requires significant coordination to ensure compatibility of subsystems.

The base contract is for 50 cars to be rebuilt, with the remaining 71 cars included in options on the base contract.

The scope of the rebuild includes the refurbishment, renewal, overhaul, replacement and reconditioning of existing hardware, components, equipment, systems, and apparatus to extend the useful life of these passenger rail vehicles. SYSTRA’s scope includes all work required for the renovation of the cars:

  • Project management, including coordination of all activities of the joint venture;
  • Engineering services of the rolling stock (structural, electrical, mechanical, interior design);
  • Development of technical specifications;
  • Procurement of parts, equipment, and goods (HVAC, door systems, gangways, lighting, communications, upholstery, battery, and low voltage systems);
  • Complete replacement of the toilet room due to numerous problems with the old design;
  • Leading Testing & Commissioning activities to ensure successful acceptance of the rebuilt cars.
  • Coordinating and providing a 24-month warranty period.

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