SYSTRA helps planners, developers and architects to create integrated transport schemes for all types of new development, from residential to retail – ensuring access to and travel around the development is accessible, safe and sustainable.

Transport infrastructure for new developments

Providing easy access for transport is vital to the success of any residential, commercial, retail or other new development. The ease and accessibility of journeys to and from the development, as well as within the development, have a significant bearing on its appeal to residents, visitors or users.

Developers, architects and planners need to understand the ways in which people travel, around and behave, in order to plan and deliver the most appropriate transport infrastructure.

The transport planning specialists at SYSTRA understand how to develop sustainable transport solutions to optimise the potential of any development, while helping clients to overcome the challenges of obtaining planning permission and ensuring that developments provide integrated and accessible transport options for everyone.

SYSTRA transport specialists guide clients through the transport planning process for new developments, from inception and design through to implementation.

Viable transport solutions for new developments

SYSTRA understands that transport is a critical component in the outcome of successful planning applications for new developments. We offer a best-in-class approach to developing viable transport solutions commensurate with the scale and nature of the development.

Managing transport demand and impacts

We work with architects and urban planners to create masterplans for new developments, and we work with local authorities and other agencies to create developments that support their growth plans. Our specialists consider commercial demands and social needs to ensure we develop sustainable transport solutions for developments in the residential, commercial, retail, education and healthcare sectors.

Our transport planners work in multi-disciplinary teams on all aspects of new development planning and delivery. Our scope of services includes:

  • Transport assessments: We undertake transport assessments for new developments, taking into account the existing transport characteristics, traffic generated by the proposed development, and accessibility requirements for vehicles, public transport, walking and cycling.
  • Travel plans: We develop travel plans to unlock the development potential of earmarked sites. We support our plans by carrying out social research into attitudes towards travel and hosting focus groups to inform the range of measures included in the travel plan.
  • Development-related design: During the pre-planning stage, we develop preliminary designs for access junctions and off-site road network improvements – to identify the cost implications and general engineering issues relating to the planned development. We work with clients to help negotiate the requirements for local planning and highway authority agreements.
  • Planning inquiries: Our team includes respected expert witnesses who have worked on planning appeals, call-ins and highways inquiries with some of the most senior advocates at the Planning Bar. Our senior directors also provide high-level input to representations on Regional Spatial Strategy and Local Development Fund processes.
  • Master planning: We work with architects and planners on the transport aspects of development masterplans, drawing on our experience of national and local authority guidelines and our understanding of the requirements of future users of the site.

Fully integrated transport schemes

Our transport planners have an exceptional track record of delivering transport schemes that meet the demands of planning authorities, developers and the intended users of sites. Our solutions are designed to manage transport demand and impacts in and around the development – ensuring it is properly integrated into the existing urban fabric and provides sustainable, multi-modal access for all users.

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