SYSTRA is leading the way in the design and implementation of advanced technologies to modernise the control, communications, mechanical, electrical and power systems associated with railway and transport networks.

Embracing technology to modernise transport in Ireland

Advances in control systems, signalling and communication technologies, digital design and engineering, virtual reality visualisation, asset management and other key technologies underpin the modernisation and expansion of transport networks.

New and innovative technical systems play a pivotal role in creating safer, more sustainable and reliable railways and other transport services. SYSTRA works at the forefront of technical systems development and implementation. From railway electrification, digital control and communication to mechanical systems and track engineering projects – our multi-disciplinary teams work with public and private-sector clients to build world-leading transport services.

By pioneering the deployment of advanced technical systems, SYSTRA helps to enhance the safety, reliability, capacity and sustainability of transport networks in the UK and Ireland.

Leaders in railway electrification

SYSTRA has one of the largest rail electrification design teams in the industry – supporting the development of overhead line infrastructure. Our technical capabilities cover all aspects of electrification contact system equipment for high-speed multi-traffic mainline, suburban railways, metro, light rail and tramway systems.

Multi-sector MEPH engineering and power services

Our multi-skilled Mechanical, Electrical & Public Health (MEPH) teams design essential building services for industrial, power, nuclear, rail, education, commercial and retail applications. The building services we deliver range from air conditioning, ventilation and heating to water supplies, drainage and piped services. Our specialists cover every aspect of project delivery, from site surveys and all design stages through to construction.

Digital control and communications systems

SYSTRA expertise supports the transition to digital railway systems. We help to implement new technologies designed to unlock extra capacity, improve passenger services and reduce costs. We have expertise in applying digital railway technologies in diverse contexts, from new high-speed networks to lightly used rural railways.

We also design and deliver fixed and radio-based telecommunications networks for railways – helping the industry embrace new technologies to enhance the safety, efficiency and performance of rail services.

Railway track and level crossing design

Our dedicated track design teams help to build new railways, and renew and upgrade existing lines – enabling track owners and operators to expand rail capacity. We have one of UK’s largest dedicated track design teams, with broad knowledge and experience in all aspects of railway track and permanent way (P-way) design and engineering.

We also provide advanced level crossing design services, helping clients address key safety, efficiency and cost priorities. We are at the forefront of applying virtual reality technology to level crossing design – aiding design decisions, improving site safety and engaging key stakeholders.

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