SYSTRA has extensive experience in the management and operation of all aspects of bus service delivery. We help local authorities and bus operators to design and deliver innovative, financially viable and sustainable bus services that help to grow passenger numbers and increase levels of customer satisfaction.

Sustainable passenger transport development

Bus service providers are under pressure to deliver operations that contribute to environmental sustainability and which support continued economic growth. To meet these aspirations, the industry needs to explore a wide range of options to find the right solution for bus services, tailored to specific local needs and challenges.

Suitable initiatives may include ticketing, bus priority schemes and network optimisation, as well as cost-effective service delivery. The bus services specialists at SYSTRA have the hands-on expertise required to help the sector meet its challenges and develop sustainable and successful bus services for local communities.

SYSTRA has an unparalleled understanding of the challenges and opportunities being faced by bus service providers in Ireland and beyond.

Hands-on expertise in bus service operations

Our dedicated team includes specialists with direct experience of network design, scheduling, tendering and franchising in the bus industry. Members of our team have worked at senior levels in bus companies and local authorities, meaning we can speak with authority and knowledge. We understand every aspect of bus operation, from fares and ticketing to service planning and business model restructuring. It means we are uniquely positioned to help authorities and operators find practical solutions to their unique transport challenges.

Developing passenger transport solutions

Whatever the circumstances, we identify and robustly model deliverable solutions that offer cost-effective, enhanced bus travel opportunities. We set out the implications of each option, to help our clients choose the optimum solution. Then we help to deliver the chosen solution, using our experience of managing transition and our long track record of successful implementation.

One-stop shop for bus service improvements

SYSTRA offers a true one-stop shop for every aspect of bus service planning, management and delivery. We plan our solutions around the journeys made by customers, from journey planning, ticketing infrastructure and bus priority measures to network design, driver training, operations and engineering reviews, and customer satisfaction surveys.

Through customer research and demand forecasting, we can provide service providers with the insights required to shape bus services, scheduling and routes. We understand the funding mechanisms available and can help clients to make successful funding applications for bus improvement programmes.

Bus ticketing and fare strategies

Our team has wide ranking experience in fares strategy, payments and ticketing technology. Our ticketing experts provide a range of services, from strategic advice on ticketing and fares policies to the introduction and delivery of multi-operator and multi-model ticketing agreements, zonal ticketing, revenue forecasting and contactless payment. We can model new fares and tariff structures to help clients evaluate the impacts of any changes.

Zero emission buses

We have the expertise to advise on zero emission buses, including electric vehicles, depot layout, infrastructure and network planning.

Optimum delivery models for bus services

In a challenging operational environment, we advise bus operators and local authorities on network efficiencies and the most appropriate delivery models, from enhanced partnerships and franchising to authority-owned operator models.

Looking to the future, we can advise clients on different transport options, such as high-capacity bus rapid transport systems and demand responsive transport (including Total Transport).

How can our experts help?

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