SYSTRA provides strategic transport planning services to help Ireland achieve local, regional and national objectives for improving connectivity, stimulating economic growth, encouraging the use of public transport and active travel, and tackling climate change.

Transport strategies for a sustainable future

Local transport authorities face a wide range of challenges in developing sustainable transport strategies that meet Ireland-wide objectives.

The priorities for transport include improving local and national connectivity to stimulate economic growth, increasing confidence in public transport and developing more efficient and reliable services, encouraging more use of active travel modes, and tackling climate change and air quality issues by decarbonising transport

Local authorities face constraints on resources and funds to deliver new sustainable transport networks. Developing workable and deliverable transport strategies requires specific expertise in policy development, consultation, transport data analysis, transport modelling, programme prioritisation and programme evaluation.

That’s why local authorities and transport operators benefit from additional expertise from our specialists to devise robust transport strategies and policies founded on sound research and expert analysis.

SYSTRA has the full capabilities required to develop and review transport strategies, and underpin them with robust transport models and expert data analysis.

The transport strategies we devise range from local, regional or national transport plans to bus service improvement plans and active travel strategies. All of our strategic transport services are focused on delivering the wider connectivity, decarbonisation and economic growth priorities for Ireland.

We have a proven track record of making the best use of data, insights and analytical methods to support scenario planning and strategy development. Transport strategies are developed by our experienced professionals, who have wide-ranging experience of creating solutions for many different transport schemes.

SYSTRA offers the full range of disciplines required to carry out all necessary research, analysis, forecasting, modelling and impact assessment to underpin strategic transport planning. We manage stakeholder engagement at every stage of the process, ensuring viewpoints and needs are considered – and securing buy-in from all interested parties.

Our strategic transport planning expertise enables us to develop fully integrated, future-focused transport strategies. This expertise supports a range of transport planning services, including business case development and delivery, transport funding application delivery, and the development of fares and ticketing strategies, among other capabilities.

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