SYSTRA offers expertise in social and market research, stakeholder and public consultation, and monitoring and evaluation to ensure that policies, strategies, schemes, services and products address the issues that matter to people and deliver positive outcomes for stakeholders, investors and the wider public. SYSTRA has specialist research expertise in the transport, environment, sustainability, water and energy sectors.


Policy makers, delivery partners, planners and developers need to understand the impacts and implications of their proposals, policies, services and products, and how successful they are in meeting their objectives and the needs of stakeholders.

Targeted research, consultation and evaluation is key to understanding the behaviour, priorities and aspirations of those impacted.

Insights from research, engagement and consultation are vital in informing business case development, scheme appraisals to justify major investments and other schemes.

It’s also important to monitor and evaluate performance and impacts over the long term, ensuring schemes continue to meet their objectives and stakeholders’ needs.

“I would also like to put on record Defra’s gratitude for SYSTRA’s delivery of this challenging project – many thanks and it was a pleasure working with you.”

Defra, Deposit Return Scheme Research

SYSTRA provides social and market research, public and stakeholder consultation, monitoring and evaluation, robust analysis and insights to give clients a detailed understanding of the impacts, implications and viability of proposals, policies, strategies, schemes and services in the transport, environment, sustainability, water and energy sectors.

Social and market research

Our dedicated research team has expertise in a wide range of social and market research methods and statistical analysis techniques. We devise and deliver targeted and innovative research to help clients assess different aspects of proposals, strategies, schemes, services and policies, from new transport infrastructure and ticketing projects, to walking, cycling and urban realm schemes, and recycling and waste-water initiatives.

We offer a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research approaches, evidence reviews, and both primary and secondary data analysis and reporting. We work with a range of academic partners and are a Market Research Society (MRS) company partner.

Public and stakeholder engagement and consultation

The specialist research team at SYSTRA carries out a wide range of engagement and consultation activities with stakeholders and the public, including a wide range of hard to reach groups. We adapt our approaches to individual client needs, whether we are obtaining opinions and perspectives on different proposals, policies, strategies, schemes or services; assessing likely behavioural change, or assessing preferences for different solutions.

Our sector expertise means we can interpret potentially technical information for non-technical audiences. Our adaptable and robust analysis techniques enable us to deliver meaningful reports on our findings to support client decision making..

Monitoring and evaluation

We offer expertise in ongoing monitoring of projects, as well as niche expertise in process, impact, value for money evaluation of policies, strategies, schemes, services, products and interventions.

We use a variety of approaches including theory-based evaluation, meta-evaluation, and the collection, collation and analysis of qualitative and quantitative primary and secondary data, to help our clients to continuously enhance future planning, implementation, delivery and decision-making.

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