SYSTRA helps policymakers across Ireland to devise well-researched and appraised transport strategies that address long-term objectives for emissions reduction, social inclusion, economic growth and sustainable place making. We do this by creating plans to manage and influence demand for travel, and set out a vision for what a future transport network should look like based on those demands.

How to deliver sustainable and affordable transport policies

Comprehensive and effective transport policies have a major role to play in delivering sustainable, inclusive, economic growth across Ireland. Future transport strategies must focus on reducing emissions, tackling climate change, reducing social exclusion and addressing cost-of-living pressures.

Policymakers need to balance a plethora of often competing objectives to create workable, affordable transport policies and strategies. The challenges have been exacerbated in recent years by shifting national planning and funding structures, including the devolution of funding and the creation of sub-regional bodies, such as Local Enterprise Partnerships, Sub-National Transport Bodies and Mayoral Combined Authorities.

Any transport policy must consider how to integrate transport initiatives with land-use planning and economic development, and how to support economic growth while protecting the natural environment and improving quality of life.

These considerations require in-depth analysis and consultation with stakeholders at all levels. The transport consultancy specialists at SYSTRA have an enviable track record of developing transport policies and strategies that are fit-for-purpose, evidence-based and deliverable.

Discover how SYSTRA has transformed ideas into deliverable strategies, for implementing new infrastructure or making a step change in service provision.

SYSTRA transport planners have the expertise and in-house resources to devise value-for-money transport plans that support local, regional and national transport strategies.

The transport policies and strategies developed by our specialists are founded on sound research and expert analysis. Our transport planners make extensive use of data and analytical methods to develop a deep understanding of transport patterns, issues and opportunities. Our approach to transport policymaking is agnostic of transport modes, enabling us to devise the best possible multi-modal transport plans to meet the objectives of all stakeholders.

Transport research and stakeholder engagement

We recognise the importance of developing evidence-based strategies. Within our business, we have the niche skills required to ensure our transport policy and strategy projects are underpinned by extensive and rigorous attitude surveys, primary research and stakeholder engagement activities – so that the needs of the people benefiting from, and affected by, our transport plans are fully engaged and understood. We make the best use of research outputs to appraise transport schemes and ensure they address key policy priorities.

Understanding the wider obligations of transport planning

As well as delivering economic and social outcomes, our transport planning consultants understand that transport policy and strategy is also about civic pride and creating well-connected, attractive places where people want to live and work.

We understand the application of national policy levers and have supported national authorities with transport planning matters, including advising in the UK on National Policy Statements and the Mayor’s Transport Strategy for London. We have extensive experience in developing long-term movement strategies, which consider a range of potential future scenarios and the impact of differing development options and mitigation strategies at a city-wide and sub-regional level.


Our transport consultancy specialists can carry out detailed appraisals of planned interventions and packages of measures to help policymakers develop long-term strategies, compile funding bids and carry out scheme prioritisation exercises.

SYSTRA supports transport policymakers across Ireland by contributing expert analysis, well supported by data and stakeholder views, that help to deliver value-for-money transport solutions to a full range of local, regional and national transport issues.

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